Fritzsche, B.: Anerkennungsverhältnisse in urbanen Grundschulen. Eine binational vergleichende ethnographische Studie. (Relations of Recognition in Urban Primary Schools. A binational, comparative ethnographic study, funded by DFG, German Research Council 2010-2014).

This research project places a focus on relationships between teachers and primary school students, which are analytically conceptualized as relations of recognition and assessed at each two primary schools in Berlin and London. The fundamental assumption is that urban schools located in deprived areas nowadays face highly similar challenges, particularly since they are often attended by highly heterogeneous and sometimes socially disadvantaged student populations, while having to work on a limited budget. At the same time, we assume relationships between teachers and students in England and Germany to be influenced by rather different national conditions. By diverse qualitative methods (observation, videography, group discussions, interviews, document analyses, analysis of feedback talks) data has been collected on the interactions during lessons and patterns of orientation demonstrated by teachers and students, which are subsequently analyzed by means of the documentary method. The binational comparison targets an analysis of the role played by institutional and historical conditions as well as mindsets in shaping pedagogical relationships at school.


Phillips, D.: Educational Policy and its Implementation in the British Zone of Occupied Germany, 1945-1949. (funded by Leverhulme Trust, 2012 – 2014).

This study investigates the role of the British in the ‘reconstruction’ of education in occupied Germany, 1945-1949. It covers war-time planning for a future role in overseeing education at all levels in Germany, looks at policy and its implementation, describes the personnel involved and their interaction with German authorities, and assesses the lasting effects of the British effort in securing the future development of education from Kindergarten to university in the emerging Federal Republic.Some comparison is made throughout with parallel efforts in the US, French, and Soviet Zones of Occupation.


Zierer, K., Tippelt, R., Ertl, H., Phillips, D. & Mertova, P.: Analyse des Publikationsaufkommens in führenden US-amerikanischen und europäischen Zeitschriften der Erziehungswissenschaft. (Analysis of publication patterns in leading US and European journals of education) (funded by DFG – German Research Association, 2012-2013).

This study extends the comparison of papers published in English and German journals in the previous project to four journals each from the US and the European context. This allows placing and interpreting national publication patterns into the wider international context. Also, the project makes it possible to trace the emergence of a European research agenda and pattern and in how far these are similar or different to patterns found in national contexts. Initial project findings are presented at the ECER conference in September 2012.


Zierer, K., Tippelt, R., Ertl, H. & Phillips, D.: Analyse des Publikationsaufkommens in führenden deutsch- und englischsprachigen Zeitschriften der Pädagogik. (Analysis of publication patterns in leading German and English journals of education) (funded by DFG – German Research Association, 2010-2011).

The aim of the project was to map the publication landscape in the area of educational research in England and Germany by analysing and categorising all papers published in six leading higher education research journals in the two countries between 2001 and 2009. The focus of the analysis was on topics, methods and authors of research reported on in academic papers published in the six journals. The findings allow an interpretation of the development of education as an academic discipline in the two national contexts in the last decade. The project identified a number of similarities and differences in the publications patterns in the two countries; initial findings are to be published in a paper accepted by the journal Zeitschrift für Pädagogik.